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MYOB Advanced is a cloud-based ERP solution 
with Power, Flexibility, and Scalability

MYOB Advanced is transforming the way larger businesses work. By eliminating hardware costs, MYOB Advanced gives you a fully customisable platform for a convenient monthly price.

  • MYOB Advanced is a true cloud system designed to help businesses be more flexible by working online. MYOB Advanced increases work efficiencies and makes your business more mobile than ever before. Working from any device, all you need is a web browser and internet connection to access real-time information, wherever and whenever you want. 
  • As your business grows, so does its complexity and the need to invest in more capable business management software. The fully customisable MYOB Advanced platform is designed to meet your current business requirements while being flexible enough to meet future demands.
  • The transition to a sophisticated cloud-based ERP system is now achievable without a large upfront investment. MYOB Advanced is available for a convenient monthly subscription. The straightforward pricing options mean less upfront outlay and allow businesses to better plan and manage their expenses throughout the year. 
But as business has boomed, so has the need for better visibility over the progress and status of jobs has increased.

Choose the right edition for you

To ensure you have the right system for your business there are three editions available. This means there's no need to pay for the implementation of features that you don't yet use, but can easily scale up as you grow. 

The MYOB Advanced platform

MYOB Advanced Business and MYOB Advanced People are two separate, standalone solutions. But they can be implemented as a single, unified platform, so you get even more power and functionality when you use them together.


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MYOB Advanced takes your business to the cloud

We help make your transition to MYOB Advanced an easy one. Momentum Software Solutions are an MYOB Platinum Partner. Below are some of the benefits you can expect.

Expert knowledge

Momentum have been implementing ERP solutions for over 10 years. Our extensive ERP experience and technical skills mean we deliver tailored solutions based on best practice.

Better value

No more complex or expensive servers to manage, reducing your IT overheads. MYOB Advanced grows with you – all with the convenience of straightforward monthly pricing plans.

Anywhere, anytime

MYOB has partnered with Amazon Web Services, a local best-in-class, high availability data storage centre in Sydney. This is cloud-based enterprise software at its most flexible.

Powerful, flexible & scalable

From streamlining workflow, inventory management and CRM to general ledger and accounting support, MYOB Advanced has the flexibility to grow with your business.