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You know how to run your business, we know how to implement business software solutions. Changing business management systems is not easy. The business still needs to run whilst the changes are made. Road bumps are likely in the early stages, and process changes might occur.

This takes commitment from senior people, as well as staff at the coal-face. Implementations are often more successful when Owners and Senior Management get personally involved in the project. This ensures key decisions are made, and the team are more likely to embrace the change.

Momentum work to a simple but thorough project plan. This usually includes a pilot and training phase where customers are able to gain experience on their new software using data from their existing system/s. You can’t beat that for helping your team gain confidence in the early stages.

Dealing with Change -  According to Margaret Clegg, just about everyone was happy using EXO straight off. There were a few teething problems, as you’d expect,she says And it probably took our accountant a couple of extra days to get to grips with things. But that was understandable – seeing as he was more used to using Ledgerworks than any of us. In the end says Clegg, there was nothing that couldn’t be ironed out with a bit of training or on-site support from momentum.

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