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Custom Solutions

“I just want one system that does it all!” Want to eliminate ‘out of system’ or ‘separate-system’ processes in your business? It’s common for more complex businesses to use multiple systems, excel spreadsheets or manual processes in areas their current system does not handle.

MYOB EXO handles much more complexity than off-the-shelf software. However sometimes even ‘EXO’ might not have the functionality required for your unique situation. Alternatively you may need to integrate ‘EXO’ with your existing software.

That’s OK. At Momentum we’ve provided hundreds of custom solutions that extend ‘EXO’ into new areas. 



Micros Opera Hotel Management System – Financials and Materials Control

Syrinx Hire Software – Financials

Total Synergy Practice Management – Financials

Freight Master (Compdata) – Sales Order - Freight Integration

Axcellerate LMS – Financials

Web Stores – Web Ninja, Strategic eCommerce

EDI – Fusion Factory - Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, ASN, Invoices

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