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Not for Profits and Charities fall into a broad range of categories. Yet they all share a common focus – serving the communities around them.

Typically Not for Profits need the following:

  • Flexible reporting,
  • Ability to integrate payroll with accounting
  • Track revenue and expenses on different levels, such as business unit, program and site.
  • Transparent auditing trail

So how do hospitals, health services, churches and unions maintain this focus instead of getting bogged down in day-to-day financial matters?

Our audit trail is now impeccable. – Beth Miller, Group Accountant – Community Solutions

MYOB Advanced (cloud based) and MYOB EXO (on-premise) are specifically designed to give you the tools to implement more structured processes.

  • They deliver a flexible and configurable system, so you can:
  • Provide full transparency to a committee or board of directors
  • Simplify and record staff activities and speed-up complex payroll procedures
  • Actively improve the efficiency of operational tasks and activities
  • Handle large amounts of transactional data across multiple sites
  • Generate bespoke reports on any area of the business


Can we solve your Not-For-Profit concerns?

We have many clients in the Not-For-Profit sector and in addition to the comments above, our clients are very open to sharing their experiences.

In order to get a conversation started, we invite you to contact us to set up a time to talk through your business issues.

Within this conversation, we can identify your priorities and the business issues that you need solved.


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Overview Established in 1997, AGPAL is a not-for-profit organisation that provides accreditation and quality improvement to general medical practices in Australia, including the Royal Flying Doctors and Aboriginal medical services. The accreditation is based on standards developed by the Royal...

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Professional services supported The Medical Protection Society Limited (MPS) is the world’s leading protection organisation for doctors, dentists and healthcare professionals. As a long-time MYOB user, when the time came to update its financial management systems, it chose MYOB Advanced. MPS...

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