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Why you need an ERP Super User

Why you need an ERP Super-User

7th March, 2016

So you’ve just selected an ERP system, and your business is getting ready for the implementation phase. Amongst the bustle of requirements gathering, business scoping, project planning and system design, it’s easy to overlook one of the most essential elements for success – assigning a super-user.

5 ERP reports critical to business success

5 reports critical to business success

4th March, 2016

How much time and money do you spend on manual reporting, collating spreadsheets and pulling information from various sources, only to be left still not seeing the big picture?

MYOB Advanced

MYOB continues its investment in online solutions for Bigger Businesses

4th March, 2016

Less than 18 months since its inception to market, MYOB Advanced continues to bring the benefits of innovative technology to larger Australian and New Zealand businesses.

MYOB EXO Employer Services

MYOB EXO Employer Services 2015.3 is here!

23rd February, 2016

The latest MYOB EXO Employer Services release is here, with a whole bunch of new features designed to streamline your payroll process and save you time.

Choosing the right technology partner

Best practice guide to choosing the right technology partner

8th February, 2016

When it comes to technology and infrastructure, there are three key questions a business should ask before investing time, money and resources.

Business management solution

5 ways a single business management solution can help your business

21st January, 2016

As businesses grow bigger and more complex, business owners need more from their accounting solution.

Payroll - what's coming in 2016?

22nd December, 2015

With the new release of EXO Employer Services just around the corner, we thought we'd give you a heads up on what to expect in 2016. 


EXO 2015.5 is here!

22nd December, 2015

The 2015.5 release of EXO is here, and includes a range of improvements across the EXO Business System. So what's new?

Payroll solution

10 things to consider when choosing a payroll solution

30th November, 2015

In today’s business environment, selecting the right payroll solution can be challenging. Having a robust, efficient payroll system is a significant investment and vital to the success of any business.

ERP system

Six signs that it's time for an ERP System

13th November, 2015

While updating or implementing an ERP system can look like an intimidating and expensive project, the gains from increased efficiency and improved operations are a good long-term investment.


What is SaaS - and why is it so popular?

2nd November, 2015

SaaS stands for ‘software as a service’ – or the supply of software, usually on a subscription basis, over the internet. There’s no need to install and update software – it’s all done for you by the supplier.


What is ERP?

2nd November, 2015

ERP stands for ‘Enterprise Resource Planning’. An enterprise resource planning system is just another term for business management system.

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