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Here's some thoughts on Dead and excess inventory. What is Dead stock?  Your stocked products that haven't sold for a certain length of time (usually a year).

Turning excess inventory into cash is good. But before you put considerable effort into a dead stock liquidation program, be sure that you are currently "buying right" – that is, be sure you are ordering the right quantities, of the right items, at the right time.


These checks should be completed monthly, finding any discrepancies as they arise.

If you are not reconciling monthly (highly recommended), do a reconciliation at the end of April or May. Doing this in April or May gives you time to investigate any imbalances found without the pressure of June 30 looming. Also at June 30, you will only have one or two months to reconcile.


When comparing different payroll reports you will sometimes find they don’t reconcile. This will happen if the reports are not run with the same date rage.

Price Policies are one of the strongest features in MYOB EXO Business. They enable price 'rules' to be automated meaning manual price lists can be eliminated.

A step by step guide on how to check who is logged into MYOB EXO Business

Businesses with no effective job costing system complain of being overwhelmed by manual processing, yards of paperwork and not having one central location to track jobs/resources.

A step by step guide to activating spell check in job costing. If you wish to activate spell check please follow the steps and contact the office for the zipped files. ph: 07 5479 1877