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In July we’re often implementing the new plans, budgets, targets that we planned during the budgeting process (normally May).

From a business point of view that might require various changes including:-

  • People – restructuring teams, introducing or changing KPI’s, new people
  • Processes – new or refined processes and documentation
  • Sales & Marketing – executing new Marketing Plans and tactics
  • Operations – delivering on the new business plan

From a software point of view that might mean the following:-

Our lovely customer AGPAL gave us a great wrap in our ‪‎MYOB Case Study and now it's being published in the next edition of ‎iStart Magazine. Check it our here

We often get asked when is the best time to change software, or 'Go-Live' on new software.  Is it 1 July, end of month, mid-month?  The answer is it can be any of those times and the critical factor is not the date.  Four 4 critical factors in determining when to 'Go-Live'  are:- 

OK, We set our budgets in May, End of Financial Year processing is complete (or should be).  Time to look back and review.  This is always an enjoyable and learning experience.  Were profit targets met?  How much did revenue grow by?  In what areas?  Were key costs (Cost of Goods Sold, Wages, Marketing, Rent) controlled?  How many new Customers?  How many lost Customers?  How is the Balance Sheet?  What happened with key cash drivers (Debtors, Creditors , Stock, WIP)?   Is the marketing working?  How many leads are coming in and where from?  What are sales conversion rates?

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We have made some updates to our training schedules for the second half of the year. Click the pdf's below for schedules in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Mackay.

MYOB EXO training consists of MYOB EXO Headstart training modules as follows:



This article describes our suggestions for managing your Work In Progress from an Accounting point of view.

What is WIP?

Work in progress is the value of your incomplete / uninvoiced Jobs.  WIP may be valued at Cost or Sell depending on advice from your Accountant. Good Job Costing software can track WIP at both Cost and Sell.

Welcome back to a brand new year. Hopefully you’re rested and excited about the New Year. A New Year is a great time to take stock and plan your year ahead. We all know the adage, ‘fail to plan = plan to fail’. Read on for our tips to a successful 2013.

For the second year in a row, Momentum Software Solutions has been nominated and made it to the finalist round of the Sunshine Coast Business Awards.  The awards are designed to recognise and celebrate the efforts and achievements of the diverse and dedicated Sunshine Coast business community and we are very proud to be part of this event.



If you can define your business processes and then build your system around them, you can transform your entire operational approach. With a complete integrated system you will have a unified management view of the business. You will be able to see the big picture as well as having the ability to drill down to the details when its necessary and be confident when making those critical business decisions.Has your business grown exponentially? Or is about to?

Well planned and executed StockTakes can add value to your business by:-

  • Ensuring accurate inventory is reflected in your system
  • Reducing shrinkage
  • Identifying risk areas or poor warehouse practices

Attached are some suggested StockTake procedures based on our experience in mid-large warehouses