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Choosing an ERP Solution

If you’re considering an ERP system for your business, the chances are you are overwhelmed with the copious amount of options. You will have to choose a solution that is cloud-based, installed locally on-premise - or hosted.

Types of ERP solutions
Let’s look at the three ways that ERP software is deployed:

Job and Project Costing

What is job and project costing?

Job and Project Costing is an accounting technique used to work out the exact costs of materials, labour and overheads of any given job. It’s a crucial tool for managers to get a handle on their projects’ profitability, which ultimately determines their success.

The big question that comes up during the discussion on companywide business management solution (BMS) implementation is how, and when, can the return on investment (ROI) be realised? And the challenge most BMS vendors have is then selling the business case to senior management.

So it is essential when developing a case for a BMS implementation, that the return on investment does not just imply financial gain. Of course there are financial gains in the long run, but, there are other ways of realising a significant return on investment:

With a fully integrated business management solution (BMS), you get the insights you need to optimise your processes and to gain full visibility and control over your inventory, financial reporting, point-of-sale and customer/supplier information.

Here are just some of the reasons why investing in a BMS makes good business sense:

Target your marketing

In order that your marketing efforts are as cost effective as possible the first step is to identify who you are targeting. If you target the wrong audience the leads you generate will not be quality leads.

Review your current customer list and identify who at the moment is your ideal customer. In your CRM - Customer Relationship Management software you will have the capability of classifying your current customers. You can set up a classification system as per below:

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We talk to many businesses that have not experienced CRM software before.  CRM is one of those acronyms that can mean many things.  Sometimes customers tell us “we don’t have a marketing department so we wouldn’t use it.”

I’d suggest that if any of the following apply to your business then CRM would help:-