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Payroll solution

10 things to consider when choosing a payroll solution

30th November, 2015

In today’s business environment, selecting the right payroll solution can be challenging. Having a robust, efficient payroll system is a significant investment and vital to the success of any business.

ERP system

Six signs that it's time for an ERP System

13th November, 2015

While updating or implementing an ERP system can look like an intimidating and expensive project, the gains from increased efficiency and improved operations are a good long-term investment.


What is SaaS - and why is it so popular?

2nd November, 2015

SaaS stands for ‘software as a service’ – or the supply of software, usually on a subscription basis, over the internet. There’s no need to install and update software – it’s all done for you by the supplier.


What is ERP?

2nd November, 2015

ERP stands for ‘Enterprise Resource Planning’. An enterprise resource planning system is just another term for business management system.

Bank Feeds for MYOB EXO

Exciting News: Bank Feeds for EXO have arrived!

20th October, 2015

How much time do your admin staff waste every month manually entering your bank transactions? Wouldn't you prefer them to spend the time working on, well, pretty much anything else?


MYOB Wins BRW's 'Most Innovative Large Company' Award

2nd September, 2015

MYOB has been named Australia’s ‘Most Innovative Large Company’ in 2015 by Business Review Weekly (BRW), and awarded second place in the overall list of BRW’s 50 most innovative companies. 

EXO 2015.3 Release

24th August, 2015

Entirely new ways to monitor business performance

How Job Costing Can Help You Work Smarter, Not Harder This Financial Year

6th July, 2015

End of Financial Year is always a busy period, and it’s a time when you finally get around to producing reports t

Good Practice Budgeting

1st May, 2015

Now is an ideal time to start setting your 2015/16 budget. MYOB EXO and MYOB Advanced have powerful budgeting functionality, but even the best functionality is ineffective without a realistic and robust budget.

Take control of your stock

16th April, 2015

Is it time to take control of your stock?

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