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Three simple, human reasons people love upgrading to an ERP

11th October, 2016

There’s a lot to love about upgrading from an accounting software solution to an ERP solution. However, the real value is often seen on a human level. Here are just three reasons we know clients love upgrading to an ERP.

MYOB Advanced and Fusion Software

MYOB Advanced reaches new markets with Fusion Software’s Certified Add-ons

4th October, 2016

FusionPOS (Point of Sale) and FusionWMS (Warehouse Management) were last month recognised as certified add-ons, extending the reach of MYOB Advanced to the retail and wholesale distribution markets.

Lady struggling to make sense of her inventory spreadsheet

The challenges of using spreadsheets to manage your inventory

8th September, 2016

The vast majority of businesses use spreadsheets to do all or part of their inventory forecasting, planning, and purchasing. However there are some serious challenges that businesses face, particularly when it comes to the data required to drive the planning spreadsheet.

Two men looking at options and trying to make a decision

The Mid-Market ERP Dilemma

29th August, 2016

Mid-market businesses face many unique challenges. What these companies need is sophisticated ERP software, which is cost effective to acquire and operate.  Finding the right solution can be a daunting and frustrating exercise, causing mid-market companies to wonder if…

Warehouse with forklifts transporting stock

Strategies for Smarter Inventory Control - Part Two

18th August, 2016

This is the second in our series of four articles outlining smart inventory control strategies. 

Men working on Laptops and Mobile Devices

4 Advantages of Cloud ERP

4th August, 2016

Cloud ERP is becoming increasingly popular amongst midsize businesses as it can provide greater flexibility and lower entry costs than on-premise ERP systems.

Warehouse staff moving stock

Strategies for Smarter Inventory Control - Part One

27th July, 2016

Over the coming weeks we’ll discuss four seemingly simple – but proven – strategies for smarter inventory control.

people looking at a laptop and ipad showing business data and insights

Business intelligence. What is it and why is it changing business?

18th July, 2016

By 2018, Gartner predicts that half of large organisations will be using Business Intelligence (BI) and advanced analytics. As businesses toil against uninformed decision-making, BI functionality is becoming more desirable.

Black bar chart with a red arrow showing growth

The ROI of ERP: The True Investment of an ERP Solution

5th July, 2016

When it comes to ERP, there’s no denying some complexity in defining the investment side of the ROI equation. Learn the five key factors that can impact the investment and costs you’ll be considering.

A man and woman sitting at a desk smiling at a laptop

EXO Employer Services 2016.01 Compliance Release

21st June, 2016

The 2016.01 release contains compliance updates for the 2016–2017 payroll year.

Young lady at her desk holding papers and looking excited

EXO Business 2016.2 has arrived

21st June, 2016

The 2016.2 Release of EXO Business is here, with a bunch of new features requested by you, the users of MYOB EXO.

ERP 101

ERP 101: What is it and why do you need it?

6th June, 2016

Business Management software has gone from being a luxury item to a necessity. Whether you’re a small- to medium-sized business or a global conglomerate, having the right accounting and business management system can make or break you.

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